Karen is 54 and has lived with Dave and Leanne since 2014 and couldn’t imagine living anywhere else.

Before moving in with Dave and Leanne, Karen lived in a group home with several housemates. She told her developmental services agency that she wanted to live with a family that shared her common interests and values.

Living with Dave and Leanne has brought music into Karen’s life. Dave is an accomplished guitarist, and he and Karen will often play blues and rock music together, putting on a great show for Leanne. The trio also go out to community pubs to enjoy live music with friends.

Leanne works full time at a local service agency and Karen is part of an employment collaborative that prepares and packages meals for seniors. The ladies enjoy singing on their morning commute to work.

All of this has helped Karen come out of her shell and feel much more comfortable in her skin. People closest to her have noticed a real change in her.

Together, they are looking forward to a road trip to Florida, the beach, and a visit to Disney World.

“I don’t think you have to be a pro. You just have to be a human being with a heart.” —Dave