Lucas is a 21-year-old with Down Syndrome and a heart condition, who lives with Barbara, her daughter Alayna and her son Nathan. Before arriving at Barbara’s house, Lucas lived with his natural family and continues to see them regularly.

Since moving in with Barbara and her family, Lucas’ natural enthusiasm for life and love of people has flourished. Lucas and Nathan have formed a brotherly bond and like to deepen their connection at the local coffee shop.

“I hardly remember what it’s like for him not to live here.” —Alayna

Lucas recently graduated from high school and proudly received the Citizenship Award for community service. Now that he’s graduated, he’s focusing on getting a part-time job, assists with coaching a local track and field team and hanging out with friends.

“Lucas has become an important part of our family. This has been such a worthwhile experience and had such a positive effect on us all!” —Barbara

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