Let us know in writing within 10 days if:

  • you are not a source of income for the payor named in the Support Deduction Notice. Explain why you are not an income source for the payor, for example, if the payor no longer works for your organization.
  • your regular payments to us end and are not expected to resume, for example, if the payor quits or is fired.
  • your regular payments to us will be interrupted for an amount of time, for example, the payor is temporarily laid-off or is absent due to injury or illness. State the reason for the payment interruption and when payments are expected to resume (if you know).
  • you know of any other source of income the payor has, such as a new or additional employer, pension provider or benefit provider. Include the name and address of the other source of income.

You must also let us know in writing (by fax or letter), if you calculate that the amount in the Support Deduction Notice is more than 50 per cent of the payor’s net income.

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