If you fall behind in your support payments, the FRO has the legal authority and responsibility to take enforcement action. This may include reporting you to the credit bureau, an action that could make it harder for you to get a job, loans, or other credit in the future.

If you haven’t made a support payment in more than 60 days, we will send you a notice that we intend to report you to the credit bureau. If you receive this notice, please contact us before the 15-day deadline stated in the notice.

Can I avoid being reported to a credit bureau?

Yes. The best way to avoid being reported to a credit bureau is to pay the support you owe in full and on time each month.

Your other options are to:

  1. immediately pay all the arrears owing, or
  2. enter into a voluntary arrears payment plan with FRO.

What happens if I miss the 15-day deadline stated in the notice of intent?

If you miss the deadline in the notice of intent, please contact us immediately.

If you pay the outstanding arrears after being reported to the credit bureau, we will update the credit bureau file. However, the report will stay on your credit history for six years from the date it was reported. This is the timeframe used by the credit reporting industry.

If you don’t contact us to arrange to pay the arrears, we will take additional enforcement action.

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