If you fall behind in your support payments, FRO has the legal authority and responsibility to take enforcement action. This may include suspending your driver’s licence.

We will send you a First Notice to tell you your driver’s licence is at risk of being suspended. You will be given a deadline to do one of three things to avoid this:

  1. immediately pay all the arrears owing
  2. enter into a voluntary arrears payment plan with FRO
  3. ask the court for a refraining order.

A refraining order is a court order that prevents us from suspending your driver’s licence for a temporary period. You cannot get a refraining order after the deadline provided in the First Notice.

How do I request a refraining order?

To get a refraining order, go to court and make a motion to the court for a refraining order.

A refraining order may require you to:

  • start a Motion to Change your existing support order
  • provide financial information to FRO
  • make ongoing payments
  • make payments on the arrears.

Contact the court as soon as possible to ensure the refraining motion is heard before the deadline written on the First Notice. If the court agrees with you, the judge will order us not to suspend your licence. Please contact us with the results of this hearing immediately.

You can also get information on obtaining a motion for a refraining order from Family Law Information Centres located in provincial courts across Ontario. To find the nearest location, please go to www.ontariocourts.on.ca.

What happens if I’m caught driving while my licence is suspended?

If you are caught driving with a suspended driver’s licence, police can impound the vehicle you are driving for seven days regardless of whether you are the vehicle owner.

For more information, visit www.ontario.ca/transportation.

Can my driver’s licence be reinstated?

Yes. If we suspend your driver’s licence, please contact our office right away.

You may enter into a payment plan with us to reinstate your driver’s licence. If you do not meet the terms of your payment plan, we will suspend your licence again, take other enforcement action, which could include garnishing your bank account, reporting you to the credit bureau and seizing your lottery winnings.

*Note: The Ministry of Transportation charges a fee to reinstate a driver’s licence.

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