If you fall behind in making support payments, the FRO has the legal authority and responsibility to take enforcement action. This may include taking funds that the federal government owes you.

The federal government can deduct outstanding support payments from money it owes you and then send them to us.

If we ask the federal government to deduct support, we will send you a copy of the support deduction notice. This notice will be addressed to “Her Majesty The Queen In Right Of Canada,” which is the legal name for the federal government.

What payments can the federal government deduct support from?

The law allows support deductions on many kinds of income the federal government may owe you, including:

  • tax refunds (income, HST/GST)
  • Employment Insurance benefits
  • federal training allowances
  • Canada Pension Plan benefits
  • Old Age Security payments, and
  • interest on Bank of Canada savings bonds.

How much money will be deducted/collected?

The federal government may deduct up to:

  • 50 per cent of any income-type funds, including Employment Insurance and Canada Pension Plan benefits
  • 100 per cent of tax refunds and interest on Bank of Canada savings bonds.

Also, the federal government will charge you a $38 administration fee each year until we instruct the federal government to stop collecting from you.

Can I avoid these deductions?

Yes. The best way to avoid these deductions is to pay the support you owe in full and on time each month.

Your other option is to immediately pay any arrears owing.

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