If you fall behind in making support payments, FRO has the legal authority and responsibility to take enforcement action. This may include suspending your federal licences.

Which federal licences may be suspended?

We may suspend your:

  • passport
  • pilot’s licence, and
  • maritime and navigational licences and certificates.

Can I avoid a federal licence suspension?

Yes. The best way to avoid a suspension is to pay the support you owe in full and on time each month.

Your other options to avoid this are to:

  1. immediately pay any arrears owing, or
  2. enter into a voluntary arrears payment plan with FRO.

How can I get my federal licences reinstated?

If we suspend your federal licences, you should contact our office immediately.

You may enter into a payment plan with us to have your federal licences reinstated.

If you do not meet the terms of your payment plan, we will take other enforcement action. This could include garnishing your bank account, reporting you to the credit bureau and seizing your lottery winnings.

What do I do if my passport is suspended while I’m in another country?

Contact us to make payment arrangements. You can still make payments through telephone or Internet banking, or if necessary, by courier or international mail. If you are not planning to pay the total amount owing, we may also ask for financial documentation and wait for a payment to be received before allowing you to get a new passport.

If we agree with your payment plan, we will notify the Government of Canada that FRO no longer requests that your passport be suspended. This does not mean that your suspended passport will be valid. You must contact the Government of Canada to make sure you get a valid passport. You may also wish to contact the Canadian consulate in the country you are in, or, if there is none, the British consulate may be able to assist.

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