If you fall behind in your support payments, FRO has the legal authority and responsibility to take enforcement action. This may include putting a lien on your property (for example, your home, vehicle, boat or trailer).

We do this by registering your outstanding arrears (the amount you owe) under the Personal Property Security Act. If you attempt to sell your property, a property search will indicate that there is a registration against it. You will have to pay any arrears owing before you can sell the property or transfer its ownership.

Can I avoid this?

Yes. The best way to avoid this is to pay the support you owe in full and on time each month.

Your other options are to:

  1. immediately pay any arrears owing, or
  2. enter into a voluntary arrears payment plan with FRO.

What amount of arrears will be registered?

We will register the full amount of arrears you owe. If the amount increases or decreases substantially, we can change the lien to reflect the new amount.

How long will the lien stay in place?

It stays in place until:

  • you pay the arrears in full
  • you sell the property and pay the arrears out of the proceeds of the sale, or
  • your support order or domestic contract is no longer registered with us.

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