If you fall behind in your support payments, FRO has the legal authority and responsibility to take enforcement action. This may include telling the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG) about any money you owe. If you try to claim a lottery prize, we can seize the winnings to pay support you owe.

Can FRO take all of my lottery winnings?

We may seize any single prize winnings over $1,000 to pay the support you owe.

We will take as much of the winnings as needed to pay off outstanding arrears.

We can also take lottery prizes that you win as part of a group of people. If your share of the winnings exceeds $1,000, we will take that money and apply it to the arrears owed.

We can’t take lottery prizes of less than $1,000, whether they are collected at the OLG office or a retail store.

How does OLG know that my case is in arrears?

Each month, we give OLG a list of payors who have overdue support payments.

When you claim a prize of $1,000 or more at the OLG prize office, they check the list. If your name is on the list, the OLG will deduct the amount of support you owe from the lottery prize and send it to us. You’ll get the remaining amount of the prize winnings, if any.

Can I challenge this?

Yes. The OLG will send us the money and tell us about your dispute. We will then review the file and take appropriate action.

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