For general information about the status of your case, including recent transactions, call our automated information line:

  • 416-326-1818
  • 1-800-267-7263 (Toll free)

You will need to have your seven-digit case number and Personal Identification Number (PIN) to access information about your case.

How to get your PIN

When your case is registered with the Family Responsibility Office, you are assigned a case number and a PIN. We send it to you about two weeks after we register your case.

The PIN is designed to protect your personal information. Your PIN must not be shared with anyone, including our staff. It should be treated the same way as you would with any other PIN assigned only to you — like your bank or credit card.

Please contact us at 416-326-1817 or toll free 1-800-267-4330 if you:

  • have not received your PIN
  • already have a PIN but are having difficulty using it
  • have lost or forgotten your PIN, or
  • feel that someone else knows your PIN.