If you do not withdraw your case and a payor sends a support payment directly to the recipient, it does not show up on the account at FRO.

That means we’ll have to adjust your account so that it shows the right amount. We will charge the payor $100 every time we have to adjust the account.

If the support payor and recipient would prefer to arrange for support payments to take place privately between them without FRO’s involvement, they can withdraw their case.

Here's how to withdraw your case from FRO:

  1. When support payments are up-to-date

    Both the payor and the support recipient must agree in writing to withdraw.

    Complete a Notice of Withdrawal Form and return it to our office.

  2. If the payor is behind in making payments

    If the case is in arrears, the support recipient may withdraw without the payor's consent.

    The support recipient must complete a Notice by Support Recipient of Unilateral Withdrawal Form and return it to to our office.

We will then notify the payor and stop all enforcement on the case.

Re-registering a case

If the payor and recipient decide to re-open and re-register the case with us at a later date, both parties will have to pay a $50 fee.