The Family Responsibility Office enforces:

  • support orders and
  • domestic contracts filed with the court.

Support orders

At the time of separation or divorce, the court may issue a support order and a support deduction order. The support deduction order gives us the authority to ask the payor’s employer to deduct the support payments from the payor’s income. The court automatically sends us these orders.

Once we have the support order or support deduction order, we register your case by:

1. contacting you (we contact both the payor and the recipient) to:

  • welcome you to the program
  • confirm the contact information in the order
  • explain how the program works and what your responsibilities are

2. assigning a seven-digit case number to your case.

We will also mail you a registration package. When you are completing the forms in the registration package, provide as much information as possible. We use this information to enforce and maintain your support order or domestic contract.

Domestic contracts

A domestic contract is a formal written agreement between people setting out their family law rights and obligations towards each other. There are five kinds of domestic contracts:

  • marriage contracts
  • cohabitation agreements
  • paternity agreements
  • separation agreements, and
  • family arbitration agreements.

If you want us to enforce your domestic contract or agreement, you must register it with us. To do this, you:

1. File the domestic contract or agreement with the Ontario Court of Justice or Superior Court of Justice with an Affidavit for Filing.

2. Mail FRO copies of:

  • the domestic contract
  • the Affidavit for Filing, and
  • a completed FRO registration package.

Keep copies of all the documents for your own records.

If you don’t know where the payor lives or works, we have a number of tools available to search for this information.

We will also mail out your confidential Personal Identification Number (PIN) about two weeks after your case has been registered. The PIN is designed to protect your personal information. Your PIN must not be shared with anyone, including our staff. You need a PIN to access information about your case through the automated information line.

If you would prefer to arrange for support payments to take place privately, without FRO’s involvement, you can withdraw your case.

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