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At the time of separation or divorce, the court may issue a support order (a payment of money to support a child or spouse) and a support deduction order (an order by the court authorizing FRO to send a notice to the payor’s income source to have support deducted).

The court automatically sends us these orders. When we get them, we register your case. Then we start:

  • collecting support payments from the payor, and
  • sending them to you.

When you will receive your first payment

If there are no complications with enforcing the payments, you can expect to start receiving them within 30 to 60 days of registration. If the payor is not making payments or if we do not know who their employer is, it may take longer to receive your first payment.

How you will receive your payments

When we register your case, we will send you a registration package. It includes forms that will help us manage your case. One of the forms is a Registration for Direct Deposit. This form gives us permission to deposit support payments directly into your bank account.

When we receive a support payment, we deposit it in your account usually within 48 hours, as long as we have all the correct account information. Make sure you let us know immediately if any of your banking information changes.

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