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  1. Are social assistance recipients allowed to work?

    Social assistance recipients are encouraged to seek employment. Once employed, payments may be reduced to reflect earned income.

    However, recipients must always inform the social assistance worker of any employment, as well as other forms of income that they are receiving.

  2. Are social assistance recipients allowed to be absent from the province/country while receiving social assistance support?

    Yes, social assistance recipients can leave the province. They must obtain approval from their worker if they will be out of the province for more than seven days if they are on Ontario Works or 30 days if they are on the Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP).

  3. Are social assistance recipients allowed to live with another person?

    Social assistance recipients may have roomers, boarders, renters and sharers, but they must notify their social assistance worker as shared accommodation may affect the amount of assistance that they are eligible to receive.

  4. What happens after I report suspected fraud?

    The allegation will be passed on to the appropriate office for follow up and investigation.

  5. How long will it take before the investigation is complete?

    Investigations vary in length.

  6. Do I have to give my name to make a complaint?

    No, you may choose to remain anonymous. However, your name is requested to allow for a ministry representative to contact you in case additional information is required. Your identity will be kept confidential unless required by law and only in the event of a criminal investigation/charges against the recipient.