Mileage rates have been increased for medical and business travel. The new rates are:

  • 41 cents per kilometre, if you live in the north and northeast regions of Ontario
  • 40 cents per kilometre, if you live anywhere else in the province

Medical travel

The new rates apply to social assistance recipients who:

  • drive themselves to medical appointments, using their own, personal vehicles
  • use transportation services (to get to medical appointments) provided by agencies that don’t set their own travel rates. This also applies to situations where family members or friends drive the recipient as well.

The new rates for medical travel are retroactive to October 1, 2016. Those who were eligible for and received the medical travel benefit at any time since this date will see a retroactive payment to reflect the increased rates (where applicable). These payments will be considered exempt as income. More information on these payments will be available soon.

Business travel

For social assistance recipients who report self-employment income, the business expense deduction mileage rates are also being increased.

The new rates apply to social assistance recipients:

  • who are self-employed and use their personal vehicle for travel that is necessary for their business, and
  • where the purpose of travel is to generate income

The business travel rates took effect on January 9, 2017, and are not retroactive.