If you are receiving Ontario Disability Support Program Income Support, the program may allow for increased limits and flexibility for your assets and income to help you and your family save for or buy approved disability-related items and services.

Here are some examples of approved disability-related items and services:

  • assistive devices
  • health care and safety items, such as prosthetics or life-alert systems
  • disability-related support services, such as attendant care, sign-language interpreting or specialized equipment
  • renovations or alterations to your home to improve accessibility or to maintain health and safety standards
  • education and training costs related to a disability.

Increased asset limits

We can increase your asset limits to help you save for an approved disability-related item or service.

Flexibility with your income

Some types of income may not affect your Income Support if you use the money to buy approved disability-related items and services.

Here are some examples:

  • gifts and voluntary payments
  • payments from a trust or life insurance policy
  • interest or dividends paid out from a life insurance policy
  • accident settlements
  • loans.

If you are earning money from working or profit from running your own business, the Ontario Disability Support Program's employment deductions allows you to use your earnings or profit to buy disability-related items and services you need for work without affecting your Income Support.

Before you buy disability-related items and services

Contact your local Ontario Disability Support Program office. Your Ontario Disability Support Program worker can help you figure out what disability-related items and services are approved and how the program can help you save for or buy these items and services.

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