• you are receiving Ontario Disability Support Program Income Support, and
  • you and your family earn money from work or from running your own business

you may be able to benefit from the program's employment deductions.

Money or profit that you earn is considered income. It may reduce the amount of Income Support you receive each month.

However, the Ontario Disability Support Program let you claim some of your child care and disability-related work costs as deductions from your earnings or profits before they reduce your Income Support.

We deduct these costs from your earnings when we calculate your Income Support.

Deductions for child care costs

Every month that you report earnings, you can claim:

  • the full cost of licensed child care
  • the full cost of before-and after-school programs offered as part of full-day kindergarten, or
  • up to $600 per child for unlicensed (informal) child care.

What is licensed child care?

A licensed child care provider is an agency licensed by the province to provide child care services, such as licensed daycare.

What is a before- and after-school program offered as part of full-day kindergarten?

Please visit the Ministry of Education’s website for information about these programs.

What is unlicensed child care?

Unlicensed child care providers are not licensed by the province and can include nannies and after-school programs.

You cannot claim child care costs if:

  • the caregiver is a family member who is on Income Support with you, or
  • you can get child care funding from another source.

Deductions for disability-related work costs

Every month that you report earnings, you can claim up to $300 for disability-related items or services you need to help you work. Here are some examples:

  • specialized equipment
  • specialized transportation services
  • sign language interpreting services
  • attendant care services.

You need to get approval for the disability-related items and services you need for work before you can claim them. You cannot claim these costs if you can get funding from another source.

Who is eligible?

You, your spouse and your children 18 years of age or older may be eligible for employment deductions in the month(s) you report earnings or profit.

Children attending secondary school full time or a paid training program are not eligible.

How do I get these deductions?

You need to report the money you earn from a job or from running your own business to your local Ontario Disability Support Program office. When you do this, you also need to report your child care and disability-related work costs. Your worker can tell you what to report and how.

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