If you are receiving Ontario Disability Support Program Income Support, you and your family may be able to get help with the cost of:

  • Diabetic supplies, such as syringes, alcohol swabs and blood glucose monitors.
  • Surgical supplies, surgical dressings and incontinence supplies.

Assistance with these costs is provided under the Ontario Disability Support Program's Mandatory Special Necessities benefit.

How do I get the Mandatory Special Necessities benefit?

Contact your local Ontario Disability Support Program office and ask for a Mandatory Special Necessities benefit request form.

Take this form to your family doctor's or healthcare professional's office and ask to have it filled in.

Here are some examples of healthcare professionals who can fill out the Mandatory Special Necessities form:

  • your family doctor or physician
  • a registered nurse in the extended class
  • a registered nurse (not in the extended class) or an enterostomal therapist, if a doctor indicates the need for diabetic or surgical supplies.

Once the form is filled in, return it to your local Ontario Disability Support Program office either in person or by mail. We will review your form and send you a letter to tell you if you have been approved.

Learn more

For more on the Mandatory Special Necessities benefit, go to Income Support Directive 9.12 - Mandatory Special Necessities