If you are receiving Ontario Disability Support Program Income Support, you and your family can receive gifts or voluntary payments for any reason without affecting your Income Support.

You and each family member are allowed to receive a total of up to $10,000 in a 12-month period, including money from:

  • gifts
  • voluntary payments
  • payments from trusts (including interest earned)
  • payments from life insurance policies (including interest and dividends earned)
  • inheritances
  • honorariums
  • windfalls, such as lottery winnings.

You may receive donations from religious and charitable organizations without affecting your Income Support.

If you receive a gift or voluntary payment and use it to help pay for disability-related items and services that have been approved in advance (such as interpreter services), it will be exempt as income. This means it does not affect your eligibility or the amount you get for Income Support, and it does not count against your $10,000 limit.

If you or a family member receives more than $10,000 per family member in total in a 12-month period, we will consider the extra amount above the limit as income in the month you receive it. This extra amount may affect your eligibility or the amount of money you get for Income Support.

For example:

If you receive a gift for $11,000 in August and you have not received any gifts or voluntary payments before, we will consider $10,000 exempt and the other $1,000 as income when we calculate your Income Support for August.

However, this income may not affect your Income Support if you use it to buy a disability-related item or service that has been approved in advance.

If you have any money left in the next month (September in the previous example), we will treat it as an asset. Asset rules may apply that could affect your eligibility for Income Support.

Your Ontario Disability Support Program worker can help you figure out how these rules can benefit you.

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