Yes, you

can work

+ get ODSP.

+ keep your benefits.

+ have more money.

+ we can help.

+ get ODSP

Not only will it mean more money for you, but working can also improve your health and well-being, help you build skills and confidence, and lead to greater independence.

Having a job is also a great way to broaden your network and get involved in your community, which can help improve your overall quality of life

get ODSP

+ keep your benefits

As long as you get income support from ODSP, you will continue to get health, dental and vision care benefits, even if you are working.

And if you leave ODSP for paid work, you can still keep these benefits, if you don't get them from your employer.

keep your benefits

+ have more money

You'll have more money when you work, than from income support alone.

  • You can earn up to $200 each month without affecting your income support.
  • Each dollar you earn above $200 will only reduce your income support by 50 cents, so you still come out ahead.

You can keep even more of your income support if:

  • you are a working parent who pays for child care
  • you need disability-related items like specialized equipment to do your job
  • you're attending full-time secondary or post-secondary school

Whatever your situation is, having a job will always mean more money for you.

have more money

+ we can help

ODSP can help you prepare for, get and keep a job.

Start by talking to your caseworker, who can help you pick a service provider in your community.

The service provider will help you get ready for work. And when you're ready, they will work with you to find a job that matches your skills, and they can help support you to succeed on the job.

get ODSP