If you are receiving Ontario Works, benefits are available to help you with the costs of taking part in an employment activity, getting a job or leaving Ontario Works for employment.

Employment Assistance Activities Expenses

You may be able to get help to cover costs (e.g. transportation, fees) when you are taking part in Employment Assistance Activities.

Child care costs

You may be able to get help to cover the costs of child care if you:

  • get a job, or
  • are involved in an employment activity.

Full-Time Employment Benefit

If you are starting a full-time job, you may get help to cover the cost of items such as:

  • clothing or uniforms
  • safety shoes or work boots
  • tools and special equipment
  • transportation
  • licensing or professional fees.

Extended Employment Health Benefit

If you no longer qualify for financial help under Ontario Works because you got a job, the Extended Employment Health Benefit may be available to you. You may be eligible for this benefit if you do not have a health benefits plan with your employer.

How to get these and other Ontario Works benefits

For more information and to find out what is available to you, please contact your local Ontario Works office.

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