PricewaterhouseCoopers's Progress Report on the new Social Assistance Management System

On March 2, 2015, the ministry brought in PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), as an independent third-party advisor, to evaluate, advise on and assist with the implementation of SAMS.

PwC submitted its Progress Report to the ministry on March 31, 2015. The report includes:

  • initial observations on the progress of SAMS implementation
  • feedback from initial consultations with stakeholders, including front-line staff

PwC’s final report is expected at the end of April 2015.

Minister Jaczek's response to the Progress Report

"I welcome the Progress Report and look forward to receiving the final report later this month. We will carefully examine the advice and observations of both reports because we know SAMS implementation must continue to be improved.

I’m encouraged that this interim report recognizes progress is being made while highlighting a number of opportunities for improvement.

The rollout of the new SAMS technology has been challenging and stressful for the people who use it, and I want to again thank our staff and our delivery partners for their patience and continued dedication as we work through these challenges together.

While PwC continues its work, the ministry will continue to implement system improvements based on input from our joint municipal/provincial Technical Working Group. As well, we’ve increased meaningful and collaborative engagement opportunities with front-line staff and our municipal service delivery partners.

SAMS is improving social assistance in Ontario, but there’s no question its implementation must continue to be improved."