Ontario Works

Ontario Works Caseload December 2017

This program helps people who are in financial need. It offers two types of assistance:

  • Financial assistance, including:
    • income support to help with the costs of basic needs, like food, clothing and shelter
    • health benefits for clients and their families
  • Employment assistance to help clients find, prepare for and keep a job. This assistance may include:
    • workshops on resume writing and interviewing
    • job counselling
    • job-specific training
    • access to basic education, so clients can finish high school or improve their language skills

In most cases, a client must agree to participate in employment assistance activities in order to receive financial assistance.

Emergency assistance is also available to people who are in a crisis or an emergency situation (e.g. people who have lost their homes, are leaving an abusive relationship and/or are worried about their safety).

Temporary Care Assistance (TCA)

In December 2017, there were 5,944 TCA cases receiving social assistance on behalf of 8,420 children.

This program provides money to an adult on behalf of a child who:

  • needs financial help
  • is not the caregiver's legal dependant
  • is not under the care of a Children's Aid Society