Transition Child Benefit

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In 2007, the Ontario government introduced a new Ontario Child Benefit to help low-income families provide for their children. Starting in July 2008, monthly Ontario Child Benefit payments of up to $50/month per child ($600/year) will begin. When these payments begin, social assistance (Ontario Works and the Ontario Disability Support Program) will change for families who have children under age 18.

A new Transition Child Benefit is being introduced for eligible families with children under age 18 on social assistance who do not receive or are receiving less than the maximum amount of the Ontario Child Benefit for any of their children.

The amount of a family's Transition Child Benefit depends on the amount they receive for the Ontario Child Benefit and the National Child Benefit Supplement (NCBS).


For information about the Ontario Child Benefit, including the Ontario Child Benefit maximum amounts and the Ontario Child Benefit on-line calculator, please call toll-free 1-866-821-7770 (TTY toll-free: 1-800-387-5559), or visit on-line at the Ministry of Children and Youth Services.

How do I get the Transition Child Benefit?

You do not need to apply for the Transition Child Benefit. Your eligibility will be determined by your local office based on the information you provide to calculate your social assistance amount. If you are eligible, the Transition Child Benefit will be added to your monthly social assistance payment.

You must continue to report any changes to your family situation that may affect your eligibility or the amount you receive for the Ontario Child Benefit to your local office (such as, addition of a newborn or a child leaves your care).

Also, to receive the Transition Child Benefit you must be trying, or have tried, to get the Ontario Child Benefit first. Your local office staff may ask you to show what you are doing to obtain this benefit.

If you are waiting for your monthly Ontario Child Benefit payments to start...

You will receive the Transition Child Benefit from social assistance while you wait. When your monthly Ontario Child Benefit payments start, you will receive a lump-sum Ontario Child Benefit/NCBS payment that covers the months you waited.

Since you already received the Transition Child Benefit for the same period, your next social assistance payment will be reduced to avoid a duplication of benefits. This is to treat all families on social assistance fairly. Your local office staff can explain how this may affect you.