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What support do you need?

You will find that some pieces of the plan can be accomplished by you alone, or with the assistance of your family and friends. There may be some pieces of your plan for which you will need funding (e.g., the assistance of a paid person or services). Your plan will include what kind of paid and unpaid supports will help you develop a meaningful day. Include what type of support and how many hours of support you need.

In the example below, we have taken one of John's goals and broken it into the support 'pieces' that he needed to help him accomplish this goal. John uses informal support from friends and family, as well as paid support from workers to achieve his goal.


Supporting John's Financial Goal

General Goal: To find a way to make money (3/4 time)

Specific Goals:

  • contact employment support program
  • write and deliver résumés around town

What are the needed supports for John

  1. Judy (John's cousin) will be the person to assist John in making sure everyone is doing what they said they would do in order to meet this goal.
  2. The support network will each think of two places that John could apply for a job. The list with names and contact information will be given to John and Judy within one month.
  3. John, with Judy's help, will contact the local employment support program by phone. (next week)
  4. John will attend the first meeting at the employment office with a support worker. (paid person) (as scheduled)
  5. John, with the help of the support worker, will begin to work on the recommendations outlined by the employment support program.
  6. The support worker will help the employment support program person develop ways to communicate with John so they can work together.
  7. John and Judy will talk about the places on the contact list.
  8. After deciding which ones John would like to pursue, John and Judy will introduce themselves and leave a résumé at the places that are on the contact list created by the support network. (within two months)
  9. John, with help from his dad, will buy a new outfit for possible interviews. (within one month)
  10. Everyone will check back to see how things are progressing (3 months)