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A message from the authors

This guide on person-directed planning has been written for you. Inside this guide, you will learn about:

  • why it is important to build a life in the community
  • how you might want to plan

Planning helps you build a good life in community!

About some of the words in this guide

Your life is changing (transition)

Transition means your life is changing. When your life is changing, it is time to make some choices.

An example of your life changing is when you leave high school. When you start life as an adult, you will have to start thinking about your future. You will want to make choices about:

  • learning
  • volunteering
  • participating in
  • the community
  • relationships
  • work



'Being in community' is about our need to belong and be with others.

This guide will help you to think about how you can build a good life in the community.