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Policy Directives

Application Entities shall comply with all policy Directives in accordance with the Services and Supports to Promote the Social Inclusion of Persons with Developmental Disabilities Act, 2008.

This document sets out the terms of these Directives.

The Director of Community and Developmental Services will review the Policy Directives for Application Entities annually and will issue amended Directives, if any, on July 1 each year.

Application Entities shall be primary contact points for general information about all relevant community-based services available to persons with developmental disabilities.

Application Entities shall provide a single point of access for persons with developmental disabilities to Ministry-funded adult developmental services and supports in Ontario in accordance with the Act. These developmental services and supports are:

  • residential services and supports;

  • activities of daily living services and supports;

  • community participation services and supports;

  • caregiver respite services and supports;

  • professional and specialized services; and

  • person-directed planning services and supports.

The Application Entity shall complete the Application Package with each eligible applicant as a required step to informing individual service and support planning, and will facilitate referrals to Ministry-funded adult developmental services and supports where needed, and available.

The Application Package comprises the Application for Developmental Services and Supports (ADSS) and the Supports Intensity Scale® (SIS®).