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  • Gail Nyberg (Council Chair) – Daily Bread Food Bank
  • Pedro Barata – The Atkinson Charitable Foundation
  • Pat Capponi – Voices from the Street
  • Grace-Edward Galabuzi – Ryerson University, Colour of Poverty
  • Kira Heineck – Ontario Municipal Social Services Association
  • Mary Marrone – Income Security Advocacy Centre
  • Michael Mendelson – Caledon Institute of Social Policy
  • Valerie Monague –Beausoleil First Nation
  • Colette Murphy – The George Cedric Metcalf Foundation
  • Michael Oliphant – Daily Bread Food Bank
  • John Stapleton – Open Policy.


Quotations in the report from Ontario Works and Ontario Disability Support Program recipients were drawn from the “Peoples’ Review,” which brings together a representative group of persons from across Ontario currently or recently living on social assistance as peer researchers. The purpose of the Peoples’ Review is to generate innovative solutions for social assistance reform based on a research process conducted by those who have lived through the system.