Toronto ODSP Offices

Earlier this year, the ministry began opening new and improving other Toronto ODSP offices to better serve everyone who comes through their doors.

We listened to feedback from clients and frontline staff and we heard that the existing offices weren’t meeting people’s needs and expectations.

To date, four new locations and one renovated and upgraded office are open. Two more locations are still to come.

The five offices are:

Once this project is complete, there will be a total of seven ODSP offices in Toronto. Previously there were five.

The new offices are modern, welcoming and more accessible. They help us provide better service to our clients with disabilities.

More offices means easier access and greater convenience for clients. Each client is matched with an office based on their home address. Clients are notified ahead of time of location changes that affect them.

Across Ontario, 34 of 47 ODSP offices have been updated and renovated to offer clients a better overall experience.


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